Fermyn Woods Enduro slow, slow, quick

With Mega Work still dragging on, I didnt expect much from the legs for this event, but it seemed like a good idea as a start back for Kielder which is looming in  a months time. 3 hrs here, 6hrs at Brighton Big Dog then full 1/2 day of pain.

Starting at 7:30 and billed as Dusk till Dark, evryone blasted of from the start like it was a normal hours race, not me and it felt strange riding round chilled out with some new friends I dont usually see. The lap was a healthy 4 miles, I spent the first two hours mainly riding with Andy Searcy on his twisty tube 29 Lynskey; We spent time trying to scare each other on the fast corners, both bruising an arm here and there hitting trees whilst getting too close at times. 

For the first time I had a classic example of Waggon wheel rolling power. about 3 laps in Mr White top guy didnt like being passed by us and hammerd back past, we followed and without getting dragged alaong at higher than my cruiser speed he had a gap. Then on a long bumpy fast section without putting any massive effort in we both gained on him, Easily!  Blasting past about 5mph faster big grin and I almsot felt sorry for Whitey.

2 hours gone and we (Andy) crossed the line together still, this was my “Pull the Pin” moment. Untill now I’d averaged 135BPM, with lap times of between 17.5 and 18 mins, very steady. I stomped on the pedals and we were off, suddenly as usual Pegasus came into its element, it prefers to go fast and the ride always seems so much better. Clubmate Pairs team of Pilch and Brownie were ahead, as was Nick  Towers who I thought were viable targets, game on.

As always passing totally spent riders at what felt like twice their speed was a great pick me up, I was feeling good. Still struggling on the climbs though, just so poor up them, not a good sign for Kielder.  My final 4 laps were roughly all 16min40 and when you look at the results HERE faster than all above me, apart from the legend that is Slash of course. I moved up from 11th to 6h in those 4 laps and put 9 mins into Andy.

Looking at the results, did i leave the Pinning it to late this time, maybe halfway is the time to go, Work sucks though, because without the tiredness I’m pretty sure 2nd place would have been mine tonight, but Pilch and Brownie rode supperbly to take that place, well done guys. Really enjoyed this though, the venue lends itself well to and enduro, and CATS sorted out an ace course.


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