5 Star Bivy Night

I had this week booked as a holiday, work still dragging on meant I had to cancel it…grr. The 20 deg’s night time temperatures forecast didnt help the pain of that, but I still wanted to check out my bikepacking set up. Sunday night I set off for work to arrive on Monday morning, the long way round, an overnighter.

Ragley Bivy Bike

As a decent test I took more kit than was really required for the warm night, but this was offset to some degree with the fact that I didn’t need any food. The Revelatedesigns seat bag had arrived and was stuffed with spare clothes, the frame bag with kettle and water and odd bits. The bivy sleeping bag and matress on the bars.  

5 start Bivy

The stop for the night is a location that you’d be gobsmacked to find while travelling;  forestry built shelters are based round a fire pit in an isolated wooded retreat,  it’s a true 5 star bivy experience. No real need for the bivy bag so I just slept on top of it.  I used an mKettle to satisfy a natural urge to light fire, on this parched dry night there was no shortage of fuel. It’s an alluminium tube, the heat from the fire flows through the centre of the tube heating up the water pretty quickly. You do tend to stink of smoke after using it though.

Great excuse for a fire
mKettle heating up

Morning broke to the sound of fighting squirrels, I didn”t realise they could be so noisy. The cycling stuff had dried out and as work was just a few miles away I headed there for breakfast. The mKettle could have been used for a  hot oats and tea fix otherwise. 

I was pretty sure no-one else had such an interesting commute that day, or had such a cool nights sleep on that muggy night.


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