Doh! Locked drive train again!

What is it with this weekend in August, last year the Mega chain suck incident at the Bigdog stopped me dead, now the MSR chain device locked up and meant a walk at last nights FNSS race at Delapre.

The course was ace, dusty, fast, jumpy…….trouble is I was off pace! Once again that no bones in my legs feeling on the climbs as I watched everyone ride into the distance. I led off the line for all of 20 seconds round 2 corners, then the fast twitch muscles ran out and the lungs couldn’t take over when it was their turn.

One good jump had a few local youths cheering when you put on a show for them, after 3 laps that became my downfall. I can only guess on landing the slackness of the chain caused it to bunch up because as I powered out of the corner, BANG, skid, stop. The chain guide had rotated 180 degs and the chain was locked solid half on/off the ring. As the gaps are so tight to keep the chain on, and for once I hadn’t bothered to take a multitool it was game over another DNF, poor summer so far.

Oh cock

With a tough climbing day in the Peaks planned and the BigDog next week the granny and 32T went back on, the combination that did the damage last year. Funny thing though, with exactly the same components there’s a lot more clearance with the new chainstay, now there’s something interesting. did I keep a photo of the old clearances, must have a look.

Pegasus 2 ring
32T used to be a whisper from tube-pre repair

One thought on “Doh! Locked drive train again!

  1. Oh boy done it again, luckily it’s only dented this time, still done a good job though.
    That’s it, this is a single ring frame. Not worth the risk again.

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