Bust seat – step up WTB SST

Well the first failure on the Pegasus, if you dont count my frame damage. Taking the seat pack off after the Big Dog hammering and there was a tinkle of metal! The seat rail had cracked, but not at the clamp, probably about 10mm back from that, it’s now you see how minimal the rails are. The seats in perfect nick, i wonder if they do replacement rails?

Seeing the prices they demand for these lately I threw on a well battered WTB SST saddle, for the Kileder 100. That was a reminder that it was time favourite all round comfy saddle, but they stopped making it. Kielders 12 hr rain finally destroyed that one, but the cover was barely connected when I retrieved it from the old parts bin. So thinking I was going to have to pay over a ton for a new Gobi, I was chuffed to stumble on the fack that WTB had resurected the SST after 6 years. SST Team, so I had to have one.

WTB SST vs Fizik Gobi

As can be seen its a bit wider than that immaculate looking bust Gobi (boo hoo)and it remains to be seen if this is a good move as the flex sides of the Gobi are the bits that seem to make it so comfy. At 224g its lighter than the Gobi too (252g)An Epic weeks riding coming real soon will tell all.


One thought on “Bust seat – step up WTB SST

  1. Big Up Rich from extra UK who read this post and has replaced my Gobi FOC under warrenty, brilliant.
    Much needed as my arse really hurt on the wales C2C trip ;-(

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