Daves PACE 129

DaveSS new Pace 209
Pace RC129 frame 6 Medium - Nice smoothed brazing

Singlespeed Dave finally took delivery of his long awaited Pace 29er, the Pace 129. It’s Reynolds 853 tubed and made for 100mm forks with short chainstays at 443mm. The rear slideouts are chunky solid items, and the chrome rear looks superb when you are checking it out while following.
Pace 129 in cream
This picture is before it had turned a serious wheel, the stange brake routing on the downtube meant a new hose to finish it.
Pace 129 classic chrome stay
Pace 129 finally arrives
This is one frame that will never see gears but all the fixtures are there. Having a bike swap ride when it was finished I was suprised just how good it felt. It just felt right, a great riding position, nice swift handling and suprisingly good feel from the forks. Very nice, and frankly made me realise just how poor the Ragley felt in comparion. Those cuvey rear seatstays appeared to work to good effect. We checked them out side by side over coffee, apart from the materials, differences are subtle Ferk knows why there’s so much difference should check out the angles of both one day to educate myself.

One result for me is that he dosen’t like the shiny red Pace Bottom bracket that came with it, so that’s a win win.


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