Ragley TD-1 BurlyCross

Loving the TD-1 right now. It’s finally earning it’s stripes in singlespeed tubeless cyclo-X trim and loving it. It’s low, light, fast and very agile; I think its found its Niche!

Yes it looks bad, but its only for playing on! Running the Stans Alpha/American classic wheels tubeless with Raze tyres for speed and all surface bombproofness. A single 44-17 gear on the FSA crank gives speed and a good hill climbing leg workout.

The 440mm fork, and upside down On-one Midge bars for a low slicing through the wind profile, with a single old Formula SL brake for the occasional stop duty.

This setup allows me the freedom to put in some fast commute times when the bed is just too cosy in the morning, and still have fun the long way through the woods when ever I want, mud or not.  Appears to be  setting some records too as I’ve got so carried away having a blast.


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