Just thinking Kona Raijin

Because for some reason I woke up with a left knee that won’t support weight comfortably. Gutted, I haven’t got a clue where it came from, especially as I have given up the one big gear grinding on the TD-1 as the gears go back on. One point that’s hit me this past two weeks is that my backside aches, a consequence of not getting out of the saddle for those grinds up hills I guess.

After musing over the ideas of an ideal frame, look what surfaced yesterday; The 2012 Kona Raijin.

Kona Raijin prototype

Built by Lynskey if it maintains the traditions of Kona, long top tube, good clearances I initially thought it could be on the wanted list.  On closer inspection the geometry at 69.5-degree head  appears slack to the Pegasus 72, with the 74-degree seat angle giving more tyre clearnce but again not comparable to the 72.5 of the Peg.  It has a 12.2in (310mm) bottom bracket height. unfortunately looks more burly than XC.

Pro’s – 44mm headtube and designed for 100mm fork with external headrace (don’t like internal); solid chainring plate on the chainstays. Sliding dropouts, which look like the weakness of the TD-1 design have been strengthened with a central brace. Post mount rear brake is good.

Cons’s – BB30 which reduces overall stiffness of the BB area and the mudshelf, weight at 150g more than TD-1, that slack front end, and being picky the damn  ugly kink in the downtube!

On the subject of Frame building, check this out old Skool Elevated stays. The whole site is interesting insight in having any crazy ideas you have brought to life in an actual one off frame by XACD

Being injured means too much time to dream of shiny things, like the look of these Reynolds MT29 wheels, especially the mention of the Stans like locking seal for even sloppy tyres. Unusual wide rim (29 mm outside and 21 inside), only 24 spokes and light as can be spokes (DT-Revolution , 2 x laced) Keep hearing good reports of the true tracking stiffness of these new fangled carbon hoops and Pitsford are Reynolds dealers too. Weight isn’t stupid light at 1620 grms and the quickly changeable axle format caps included on purchase is nice. More info here from 29inches.com from the manufacturer. No word on cost!
See that Hope have given their CX hydro brakes a name, The V twin. are they even available yet, might have to find out.

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