Stans Tubeless Rims – Invention of the Decade

Stans Crest, ZTR, what ever type you want, they have become the best thing since un-sliced bread (sliced too thin for me) in my view. This outrageous claim only applies to the new socket-two versions. The early ones were good but the new version have supoerb sealing ability.

I have three sets of wheels with the new versions on, two sets on Crest 29 with King and DT240 hubs and the Alpha 340 on American Classic for Cyclo-Cross and urban use. In two years use I can honestly say I have never had a puncture that required me to put a tube in NEVER! And I think I’ve only had the tyre go completely flat once when a CX tyre got cut, it still inflated ok  though. only 1 burp too.

I only use non-tubeless tyres for the record.

Killer thorns
Tyre in use since August - No solids, little mess

That’s over 10,000 miles and several sets of tyres, I’m so getting bored of carrying tubes around with me on rides, and I had to fix a wheelbarrow tube the other day and realised my tubes of repair glue gone off.

One other fantastic improvement over the original models is that when you swop tyres, or as done above change a worn out tyre; The seal is so good that the latex has not gone solid and there’s usually almost a whole scoop left even after 4 months of use.  Scoop it out with a desert spoon and splosh it in the new tyre. This Crossmark had 8 thorns in it and those two beauties.


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