Next phase New Pace RC129 is here

Well this whole one bike  idea has gone to pot hasn’t it.  Simplify having multiple bikes, “stop taking two bikes out in the showers” well I tried but was let down in practice, I just have to admit it I’M an ADDICT, there is no cure!

The Ragley TD-1 is being called on for bikepacking duties more and more, hopefully for some epic challanges that will be revealed in more detail shortly. After a brief flirtation the Swift is sold and sadly I’m no longer part of the smiling band of Singular owners. As the fast short XC races are on the back burner at the moment I just needed something I could thrash around locally for fun.

That Paint is Lush Thanks to a fortunate stroke of luck, despite an unfortunate delay, I now own a Pace RC129 in brand spanking new glowing Pearl White. It was such an unbelievable  bargain, i’d get in trouble telling you about it sorry!  It was an offer I couldn’t miss after enjoying Daves RC so much, and if you consider it comes with a quality Pace bottom Bracket its was almost a straight swap for the Swift, a major result.

The build is using all the good bits collected over the lifetime of Burlycross; Niner Forks, King Wheelset, Hope Race Brakes, XTR modified crank and despite the quite honestly lardy Reynolds 853 steel frame, its a healthy 21.8lb ready to play.

Wow it looks so good It feels wrong to let me have it, lets face it; it’s due a hard life, will it cope?

The hasty build was lacking a chain device, as I was testing it out with 3 rings just for clearance. The rings fit fine, but the front mech I had available was a bit tight to the tyre.

Still not a fan of the rear brake hose routing, infact the whole cable guide placement is a wierd choice (and different from the original frame I had) and I’m going to have a second bootle mount sort out too.

Early blasts have proved fun, and the mud clearance has been truly tried and tested with the Beavers fitted (not as shown here) This with the slideouts pushed all the way forward too.

It seems up to speed to, not quite as quick as #TheEx but  I seem to have banged in a few segment records for me on the wonderfull Strava so its not far off. And its fun; it’s really easy to sling around, so much so that Mick chasing the two 129’s through tight woods on a night ride called us the Pace BMX twins. The front pops up well too for a big wheeler, even for a non wheelie merchant like me.

Some pics while I continue hammering it.


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