Dawn Till Dusk – big long day out

New challenges are good, with the amount of daylight being the same as an event I was planning in July, I wanted to try a Dawn till Dusk MTB ride.
Solo would be no fun, but a plan came together, meet Sean at 5am, go for a ride showing him some local trails. 50 miles by our 9am breakfast date at Chez Pilch (amazing bacon Bagels) then a cruise with the ladies off to Fineshades. Plenty of grub and muddy trails then we part leaving me to solo into the sunset, it was a cool day and rolling through my door at 9pm with a satisfying 150 miles on the clock was a result.
I do believe me and the TD-1 have finally gelled, when you still smiling and attacking muddy trail after 12 hours in the saddle, and still heading away from home, you can’t deny it.
I’ll be doing this again one day for sure, trouble is I’m quickly finding new limiters, and the big one of hand pain/strength is worrying.


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