USE Sumo seat posts fail

I used to think the USE Sumo seat clamp was genius. A solid mount, creak free, that never moved or gave any trouble.

Having been lucky I spotted a cracked clamp on return from the Cairngorm loops, the lower section of the taper section on the Carbon Sumo had cracked and I could not adjust the seat without hammering it off, thats one failure. I went to swop the seatpost over with the Ally Sumo and on inspection found that had a cracked clamp also. This one had cracked at the seat rail interface.

Now I’m not impressed, either of these could have failed on a long ride, and USE havent replied to an email asking if this is normal wear and tear, or if a stronger part is available. Checking on Chain reaction there are replacement seat clamp kits, so I guess it is pretty common then. Seems I’ll just have to treat these as disposable parts; £18 service every two years,and a risk of failure, probably wont buy another one then.
Two clamps of seperate seat posts



2 thoughts on “USE Sumo seat posts fail

  1. With respect I can’t remember a USE seat post design that has not failed, You know their motto……… USE, tested on customers for over 20 years (with several different designs)
    Must admit I did purchase a sumo xcr post for my dentist worrying niner air carbon recently……. thought that the SUMO might be okay…. sniff, sniff, coat, door.

  2. Just had the bolt on a SX post fail for the second time. First time no big deal, this time damage to me and the bike. Hope to hear something from USE about this.

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