FNSS 2012 Race 3. MK Bowl out of retirement

Plans have had to change recently, dreams quoshed and frailties exposed. A quick cure lets go racing, crikey haven’t done that since September last year. Ages for me but probably more accurately hibernation that retirement.
FNSS at the bowl was a good lure too, it’s always a fun challenge here, one where the skills can compensate for lack of fitness. My lack of preparation was laughable, I grabbed the Pace, lights and all, almost slick worn tyre and threw it in the van. Kit was packed for a very early start to go to the Welsh Ride Thing the next day so a bottle pair of shorts, top and helmet, that will do.

Feeling run down, unprepared and just plain casual I set off for a pre-lap with the plumz. It was going to be fun, dry and grippy and the three sharp drags up the bowl banking were going to hurt.
We lined up, chatted while the Seniors whizzed off into the bushes, and I was liking this carefree approach to racing again.

The gun went and I went for it, only 9 gears, rigid forks and a responsive Pace, and I was into the first corner in the lead! Blast up the bank across the tops and a glance back, wow I have a gap what is going on. First section of single track which is relatively long and I pop out of that in the lead, lungs bursting in protest of not being at these levels for eons. Then pull over and let the real racers through. I then slotted in behind Team mate Pilch, around 6th and get ready for more. A few laps later, I feel way better than I had any right to, another team mate Steve pulls up alongside and I join him in starting to pull Pilch back.

We then had a Titanic fun battle, swooping places 3 or 4 times a lap, amazingly I found that I could cruise past up the steep banks just by digging deep. It felt great and recovery was good, confused, you bet. In the end Pilch got 5th and I was chuffed with 6th, it would appear dragging 40lbs of bike for hundreds of Miles makes the hills feel almost easy. And the glow of unexpected achievement even made the mad rush of getting home, fed, and up the next day at 5am easy, bring on more Endorphins, I’ve missed you.


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