Pace Controls

The Pace was built originally with old Singular control parts that have now migrated onto the Ragley to make it as familar and comfortable to ride as possible.

As its almost impossible to buy the old size slim bars, especially in my new favourite 11 deg Salsa bars, and stems now; it was time reluctantly to bite the bullet and move up to the next standard. A CR offer code and unpopular stock brought me some X-Lite carbon 710mm 0 deg rise, 9 deg sweep bars, shame I had to get them with blue decals though, red ones all gone. They came in at 218 grams which is porky compared to the Salsa pro-Moto bars but then they are 50mm longer.

The Stem chosen is a thing of simplistic beauty, a Raceface Turbine 90mm, only 132g and the same price as Hope units, a true bargain and very well made it looks too. Unfortunately I could only get a 6 deg rise, so its once again gone on with a negative rise.

Guess there’s no way back now


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