Theres more to life.

This years plans are in tatters, blogs have been written about epics and not published, there seems no need now; so lets start again, snap out of it, chin up!

I’ve been planning this year around one main event, the EWE, a great excuse to get out in those brilliant mountainbike areas of the UK I keep meaning to go back to. All on the same ride, brilliant. Long rides have been completed, the Cairngorm loops, many 100 mile plus days, overnighters into and around the peaks, dawn till dusk. The holiday’s booked, I’m even starting to like the TD-1 as a long distance ride.

One common theme though has been the nagging loss of grip strength in my hands; one long day is fine, two as I’ve found out on two seperate occasions recently is pushing it. Without boring you with personal medical facts, I’m basically stuffed. After years of stupid mileages on Motorbikes I’m used to a bit of numbness, goes with the territory and I’ve learnt how to manage it. Losing motor functions is a whole new ball game, and for once I have to follow advice.

It was a really difficult decision for a pigheaded me to recind my EWE entry, it’s going to be an altogether harder one to cut down the miles just as I was loving it as much as ever. I can only console myself in the fact that I can now ride with the plumz in the week without feeling totally beat up after weekend madness.

The EWE route is now released, as tough as expected, and its brutal. Over 1200 miles is tough, but in checking out all the honeypot rides of the areas it passes through it’s sure going to batter riders whole bodies. ;-( I’ll be watching with interest how they get on, and might go and ride some sections of it, well maybe.

Another fellow intended entrant to EWE was Nick (32:16) Wallis, I’m sure I’ve met him in some mtb senario over the years, singletrack, mayhem we have many of the same friends. It was very sad news to hear he took his own life recently, reading his last blog posts shows how the loss of something you love so much can affect someone deeply. R.I.P Nick

Memories of super summer rides ace route to the peaks

The bike was loaded up with comfort food and comfort kit, nothing to train for now,along with a bit of help to a bivy newbie and we hit the Welsh Ride Thing. Three great days of fun and way to many pubs, easy on the pace and distance. Just what the doctor ordered.

Seans first bivy
Seans first ever bivy and its very wet
WRT Breakfast at Coedy
One of many shelter stops – we ate well

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