Rockshok Reba locked again

The Rebas failed again, and couldn’t have been a better place, rattling down the Pennine Bridleway in the peaks fully loaded, oh well.

Checking the excellent Sportstrack which allows you to log equipment mileage they had done 6500 miles, and I hadn’t serviced them in this wet summer for over a year. The colour of the foam oil rings and the gloop at the bottom of the air leg was evidence of this. I started to curse the reliability of these compared to Fox. But when I stripped them it was evident that the bushes and legs were all in perfect condition, something that usually kills off Fox forks in the end, so maybe I was being unfair.

Ebay special service kit for £9 from EvilHomerSimpson (you have to trust a guy with that nickname) and a strip and clean and they should be as good as new, well on the inside. They are looking pretty battered from all the backpacking straps that have been rubbing on the crown and legs.
Rebas service


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