Road Rat 44-17

It can’t take the abuse but it’s just such a fantastic looking collection of tubes it had to fulfill some use. Slap on some tired, old and unused bits, and we are away.  So the winged horse becomes the Road Rat, whats an ideal name for a lame Stallion?
Donkey road rat
Perfect for those days when you just want to get there, with a bit of hooligan thrown in. perfect for pub nights too. Not sure how the geometry weighs up with road tyres and the short Exotic front fork, and I dont really care. Just might have to watch the pedal height and freewheel through a few more corners though.

The FSA crank needed a bodged repair after the pre-load wavy washer had rotted away, a fibre washer did the job just right for now. That old straight Easton carbon bar seems so wrong but keeps the shoulders tucked in, and I really must find a rear brake for the wet days. One thing, it’s super light at just under 17lb, which should make pedalling that 44-17 gear a doddle.


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