2012 Brighton Big Dog – mini dog

The Brighton Big Dog is a race not to be missed, not even with some very sore cracked ribs.

I love this course at Stanmoor park and its pretty much unchanged year on year which is very rare for races these days. Its great coming back to familar trails in different conditions and circumstances, a good way to compare your abilities over time.

With the great summer of 2012 it was a worry that we might return to the treacle fest of two years ago, but despite a sticky slippy top surface the course was all rideable, and I thought even more fun in places. The Ragley was the weapon of choice, granny ring, soft tyres and low pressure in the forks all chosen for comfort, well at least the best I could manage.

4 great laps, some fun riding and I called it a day. 3 hours in and 6th place and the painkillers were wearing off. It wasn’t happening this year. The Ragley aquitted itself well, the more relaxed front coped with the very slippy routes well, but it was pretty sluggish for the constant changes of direction required here. Note to self, put some narrow bars on next year too!


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