Theres a Lurcher in the House

The other dogs are not happy.

After another uninspiring ride on the Ragley at kielder, it gave me another excuse to get another frame, it dosent take much. The Pace is just to chunky to race, god I miss the Pegasus. Light cheap and fun was the remit, and On-one do that quite nicely thank you.
It’s a shame the Race29 Frame only comes in a medium, as its being going for a song, but then I have seen a few broken ones.
The Carbon Lurcher is a good weight (1594 grams) for the cash, and comes up lighter than even the Pegasus was, so that and a matching set of carbon forks have joined the stable in a fetching Team Orange colour too. The forks are 674 grams



My first foray into the world of push fit bottom brackets, so a cheapo Token one in red anno is going on for starters. Same Introduction into tapered headtubes, Pace now do a mix and match service for the top and bottom races which once again was first choice for the superb split bottom crown. This wont stay rigid for ever.


The swapouts design means it can be run singlespeed, and the geared swapout is a chunky piece of ally.


The frames theme seems to be chunky, but then I guess thats not suprising in the comparison to Titanium.
Specs are Frame Material – Mitsubishi High Modulus Carbon 1594 grams weighed, 72 head angle, 73 seat, 444mm chainstays
(gallery of shots.)


I really like the direct mount front Mech, nice for home made chain guides for 1×9. The clearance is superb, the rear brake mount location is neat, shame the fork is not post mounted like the niner it is so obviously influenced by. The seat clamp area is a thin piece of carbon, and a known snappage area, so a neat double seat clamp that clamps both the frame and the seatpost has been fitted.

Here’s the first build then, and as the CX wheels were lying idle they went on for the shakedown play. I think its looks realy cool with them on too. It has proved to be a great mile muncher on the road and gravel, so much so that combined with the poor summer conditions its hardly seen the trails yet. On the occasional day its seen dirt the speed and lightness has ceratainly shown, several uphill Strava segmenst gained is certainly proof.


A spritely 19lbs as shown, just needs some forest time to check on the handling next.


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