Giant Anthem X 29

What a bike tart, Plumz James wanted rid of his Giant Anthem frame and who was I to resist. An X4 model with a Rockshok Monarch rear shock was not ideal but it was immaculate, and as much as I dislike black bikes, welcome along.

A quick build to check out what size components means a bit of a hotch potch to start with, but I needed to know I could live with this before getting some specfic bling. The Fox G2 forks went on, and I’m not sure if the increased offset added to the effect but it sure looks like a very long bike. I’d read of review comments on the extended rear end, essential to fit all that bounce hardware on board, and time will tell if can cope with the tight stuff.

One short head tube - one long wheelbase

Yes that fork needs cutting down, but with such a short headtube it’s a commitment I’m not making yet. The build is 1×9 with a mech thrown on just to save the paint. Yet another Push fit bottom bracket and tapered headtube. This time a Shimano BB92 went in for comparison to the Token, and the standard Giant headset was left in for now.

It sure is busy down there, the rear clearance is another issue that needs checking, fellow Plumz 26″ Anthem owners say it can be hassle on muddy grassy courses, and its easy to see how. I’m hoping that without the need for a rear mech it leaves plenty of room for fallout and chain ring carry over.

Very busy and tight down there

And that clearance is with a low tread Ikon! Just needs a beasting now. I think thats the last time it will be that clean.


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