2012 Thetford Winter Series Rd 2 – High Lodge

Running up to this race after all the local floods it was difficult to work out what the trail conditions would bring. The excellent Timber website gives a trail condition meter. Right up untill the saturday It looked like the rigid option, but after a heavy Saturday night I went for comfort. The Anthem in exactly the same untouched guise of the first race took to the very frozen trails.

After the pretty relaxed cavalry charge down the flinty fireroad which was to claim so many puncture victims, we hit the tricky frozen low sun section. The usual suspects then pulled away and the slither started for a while. The off camber ridges on the tracks were causing big problems, tons of crashes and I didnt want to be left out. Two crashes and two stops to straighten the bars and I calmed down. 7th after lap 1 was more down to the riders missing than my performance again.

It was a great course, not very long so easy to learn and on the ocassions that the beast was traffic free there were a couple of super jumps. Not so perfect gear changes hinted at a bent rear mech from one of the hard crashes so I tryed to be kind on the drivetrain.  On the 3rd lap I’m assuming Wingar punctured, not that I even knew I’d passed. I could see John McAndrew at a course crossover point a few times and with an hour to go I guessed i might just be next on the trail behind him.

Hitting the afterburners I felt great, more than I deserved after a party the night before, and suddenly John was in sight. Passing him at speed felt great and the course was empty and riding superbly, hearing the shout for 3rd over the finish line was a huge buzz. Back on the solo podium, it’s been a while.

Can’t believe how fresh I felt for the last laps, is this bike a time machine, or did I just shake off the hangover Thanks to Gregg for the lift, a lifesaver, and a great 8th there buddy.

Lap Times 9 in 04:19:17 – 13.02 behind the leader Slash FULL Results
27:29 28:09 28:58 29:00 29:30 29:46 28:28 28:25 29:32

Race 1 Ashby – Bone – Wingar – McAndrew – JP – Hunter
Race 2 Ashby – White – JP – McAndrew – Bone – Hunter – Wingar

So  for the series so far, its tight:
1. 300pts    1+1 Ashby
2. 275pts    2+5 Bone (819) Sytri
3.270pts     5+3 JP
4. 270pts    4+4 McAndrew
5. 260pts    3+7 Wingar (837) Gipping Race Team

So Andrew Bone is the one to watch for, Well only if John self destructs again. Orange Kit trim, and looks like rigid forks, so did he just get battered by the frozen ground for round 2, we shall see who survives the Xmas excess the best.


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