XX10 – The Not SRAM XX1 set up

I figure many will be searching the web to find out if an XX1 crank will work with a 10 speed chain and an easier and cheaper cassette than the Yhouge XX1 11 speed one, I know I did. How hard can it be, an X9 mech is a way to dip into the water.

MBR have actually done a good write up of the whole XX1 system with pictures. The cranks a nice item even if I’m not a big fan of torqing a crank on the end of splines for adjustment. At least this is compensated with the fact that the only reason to remove it is when the BB fails, ring swaps can be done in situ.

XX1 Crank Teeth
Thats how big the teeth are then.
XX1 driven ring - Teeth profile
Spider drives the ring, neat design. Funky teeth
GPX Bottom Bracket
GPX Bottom bracket, news to me. That non drive side bearing is wide
Spacer and spring washer
Spacer and spring washer. this aint no XTR the price of following I guess
XX1 Crank - not exactly pretty
Functional, not exactly pretty. Perfect. Crank arms are pre-covered with protective tape.

I figure the whole deal maker is going to be how good the Type 2 Mech is at stopping the chain slack. It certainly feels really hard to pull the jockey wheels back, so hard it feels broken when you first get it. A proper short cage should help too.

Easy to smash !!
neat cable routing, but it does look easy to smash in a fall.
Tight low gear
On the 36, thats not bouncing off, mech has about 10mm of travel left. Good cable run
High Gear
The high gear risk zone, time will tell how much the mech bounces. feels very tight while new.

To give it a good winter thrashing its an XT cassette, which I’m impressed with for the cash, and a cheap chain. First few frozen rides and the first impressions are of the silence over bumpy chattery sections and down a flight of steps for the hell of it. Not impressed with how fussy this 10 speed lark is in setup, compared with my ludite 9 speed. Lets see how many times I nut the bars when the chain comes off in the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “XX10 – The Not SRAM XX1 set up

  1. How has it worked? I’ve been thinking of going the same route. saves a significant amount of money, just not sure how it works out.

    1. It’s being working well do far, chain has not dropped once even on fast rooty sections. On added bonus is you notice how much other chain sets give you some issues when backpedaling or taking up drive after freewheeling on rough sections, drive take up seems way sharper.
      And it’s so quiet in use, very noticeable.
      One issue I have is with the 10 speed cassette, seems to require closer setup tolerances, but that might just be the new cables settling and go away.

    1. Trouble free for 2 hard seasons of MTB racing and the single front ring with a range of cogs was brilliant. So easy and quick to change after a practice lap. Chain tension and lack of noise is great, still going strong today although used a bit less as i have stopped racing. Only thing i did was change the cable every year, the final entry to the mech is a tight curve that wears the cable in muddy crap.

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