Hello 2013. Time to go short and fast

2012 brought the realisation that serious nerve damage in my hands meant carrying on with big distances was not the way to go. I’ll still be bikepacking but it’s got to be for pleasure for now,  the competitive beast in me needs feeding though. This unfortunately means converting the Diesel engine I’ve been nurturing for a few years, into at least a hot hatch.

The old On-one Cross frame has been brought back into regular use with a chunky powertap hub. The data along with Joe Friels Power Meter handbook, and the new power tools on Strava,  is starting to make sense. The power data for riders is almost like their salaries, nobody talks about it; well that’s not strictly true as it seems that wiggo puts out over 400 watts for an hour. they all talk in Watts/Kg so I guess part of the plan has to be dropping some weight too.

with a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) of 260 Watts I’m at the average Joe end of the scale, but how much can this be improved with some serious training, I’m attempting to find out.

Friel recommends equating your FTP from a non competitive blast for 30 minutes, so here’s my end of year test, didn’t go to well as I was bike rested, but weak from work stress, Oh to be a Pro hey!

CP30 2012 end
The best of Year curve is easy to see from Strava, so Improvements should be easy to spot using this tool as time passes.
Critical power Curve 2012

So those 2012 big rides get shelved for more intensity.
Strava data 2012

The two big months were the Cairngorm loops race, 30 hours over a weekend, and the Strava bucketlist challenge was a nutty 700 miles in a normal working week. Guess I’ll be itching for a “tourist” week sometime, that’s if I stick with the pain that is. Happy new year!

Strava mileage 2012


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