Snow blind on the Pace RC129


Like a military machine it’s efficient and camouflaged, unlike one it’s brilliant fun. I’d forgotten how much fun chucking this around is. I finally binned the awfull original brake cable routing and the lines look cleaner for it under the frame, and collects less crap there. The old 180mm Hope 4 pot brake on the rear is a whole load of overkill, but I think the pads might last for ever.
When the offload slog commute is killing me a quick chain clean and lube is all that’s needed. It’s almost criminal not to clean though, I still catch myself glancing back, it still looks so good.

Snow cat

Pretty unusual conditions for round here, the ice on the bike didn’t melt for 4 days between commutes, a quick brush down per-ride is some wierd perpetration. Oh and those wheels were almost painfully out of balance at speed, clown bike like.


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