Feeling the pain, power training.

Power training continues, getting serious again hurts and its been a huge mental test to keep on the straight and narrow. I’m happy with the things I’ve learned, and my re-found strong will to get out there despite the ice and snow. Off road riding has been pretty limited which is a shame, but it sure beats destroying too much kit.

Test time again and a chance to see if there has been measured progress. A 30 minute ride into a headwind meant nowhere to hide and the results are in.

Critical power Feb 2013 - now 280W

The purple line is the test ride and the grey fill is previous bests in for the whole of 2012. The important bit is the 18 Watt increase in the 30 minute power, but the effect of this effort and the strength of will to carry on and smash out new best ever readings for up to 1.5Hrs are a pleasing bonus. With my weight dropping to the lowest “race weight” I’ve seen in ten years, that an added bonus of a jump in Watts/KG too. The short twitch muscle powers on the left are looking ok without focusing on them. More to come there in the next Month.

And the reason for this serious approach? new goals. This year we move along a bit nearer the great exit door, into the Grand Vet zone. As one of the pups in this cat for 2013 I intend to give it a good shot. So now’s the time to commit myself to a few goals so I can look back at the end of the season to see how I fared, here goes, in order of importance;

  1. Get back on the Podium in any regional race.
  2. Top 3 in the Eastern XC championships overall.
  3. Win an Eastern XC race…well you have to aim high.
  4. FNSS top 3 series overall
  5. Win a FNSS XC race.
  6. Fit in a weeks riding holiday, bivy or touring chill out.
  7. Top 5 in one of the British XC races……..a tough ask!
  8. Finish my 5th Kielder 100 mile race for a lifetime entry.
  9.  British XC national race complete the series.

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