Stans Rims Are Great

As nice as the thought of super stiff carbon rimmed wheels is, I can’t imagine ever using anything other than Stans rims. They have literally transformed the way we ride.

The past three years have been spent taking spare tubes for rides all around the country, I should by some stupid light paper thin ones, because thats all I do, carry them around. The seal with plenty of non tubeless tyres is so good that you forget how long it has been since you applied the last dose of stans fluid, I find that keeping a log of install dates helps avoid going dry.

I took of an Ikon tyre recently, it had a slight bulge in the tread where it looked like it had seperated from the carcass. Deliberately puncturing the bulge showed it would still seal, but it was worn so it had to go. On removal I was amazed to find I could remove almost a full scoop of fluid out of the tyre. This after it had last been fitted 6 months ago for the Kileder 100, and used all winter.


Unlike the early slightly leaky rims, there was very little setting of the fluid, just a thin layer around the middle, and this tyre had been used for a year. The Ikon itself has been a good performer in the winter slop as long as there are no appreciable climbs, so another ones going on for now. I still prefer Aspens if it is really loose and dry though.

Stans Rims are the best, none better.


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