MSG 2013 Eastern Series round 2 – Codham

Well I blew that one. The result says Mick Pilcher winner by a second, and congratulations to him on his first ever race win.

The reality was I blew it, I had a race tactic and executed it perfectly. Taking the lead into the final tight sections from the BMX track I knew I could pull a gap and overtaking would be impossible. Then the slip up, I found myself on the wrong side of a backmarker and missed the technical turn and had to take the chicken run. Now rightly these are designed to be slower and I dropped back on trail a good 15 bike lengths behind Pilch. By the next climb I was on his wheel, feeling super strong, but with no way past without being a complete jerk.

OK sprint finish it is then, no worries, well it was a rider on the home straight removed any spare space and it was a case of following over the line. Oh well chalk that up to experience, I made two vital mistakes, it won’t happen again.

Overall I didnt expect this race to be as close, once again it was the Plumz train which was great fun, but I expected to suffer on the sharp climbs of the Codham course. It was great to keep in touch despite my lesser climbing power, and increases my confidence for the races to come. So with a win a piece we are joint Eastern leaders, this one will run and run.

Results show some good consistent laps from us both, and a healthy gap to Ian Robson, maybe we should chill out and just race the last lap.


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