FNSS Grand Vet race 1. Living with the Aliens.

Friday Night racing in the summer series, Borough Hill, and my body is stiff and unresponsive. Doing a practice lap and the brains interested but the body is just not responding. It’s cool and windy and I’ve just had the dullest birthday ever! but there’s more to it than that. I’d not done any intensity work of any sort prior to this, and trainers reckon that causes you body to switch into a more dormant state.
It’s hard to explain, but this training piece describes it more eloquently than I can
Flat and Sluggish, yep that was me, mentally and physically.

It’s still a tough gig in FNSS despite moving up to the G.V category, off the start line it’s a dash into the top wood section, and a reasonable start has me up with the front runners.
Turning into the wind it all starts to go wrong, my flatness materialised as absolutely no power and riders start to pass in droves. Oh there goes Bunny, Carl and Dud and hoards of Vets, I have no response!
The dark clouds of the mind are already shouting quit, as we enter the hillside woods and it eases off a touch, time to asses my position.
Pete Harris and Tim Stowe along with Pilch are gone far out of sight. In Moto GP the top guys who can pull out class leading results are called Aliens, they are just from another planet. Tim and Pete have proved this year to have earned Alien status so I consider the race for us mere mortals to be for the final podium spot.
GV leaders Rd1 -2
Out of the woods is a steep tarmac climb which continues onto a sapping lumpy grass lap finish, suddenly my body seems to have registered we are in a race. First Dud and Carl are passed, and at a fair pace too, umm recovery not to bad after all. The pattern continued for the 2nd lap as I hit the brick wall into the wind, but took the hill climb quite well, and Vet Scott Rose joined up with me for laps 3 and 4. Now Scott is a powerfull Timetrialer and I was towing him round, so optimism was rising of my form.
JP lap 1 - 2
Onto the final lap a Welland Valley top came past, it wasn’t Scott, Bunny had hunted me down and passed before the windy straight, Oh boy race on for the last lap. He let me take the wind so I cranked it up for the final section to make sure I entered the woods first, then let rip on the dusty off camber twisty bits.
Thanks to a few fortunate overtakes I had a good gap onto the finish climb, but luckily I didn’t relax for one second as he showed great form chasing me back and I only beat him to the line for 4 seconds. surprisingly that was THIRD place, wahoo! so for now I’m first non Alien. As Pilch dosent qualify for GV under FNSS rules as he is still 49 that’s one less to worry about.
Speaking of which Pilch could be getting closer to Alien status, he kept with Tim and Pete for a few laps and smashed me for the second race running, it’s getting tougher.
Jp hill
As I write this three days after the event, my legs worryingly feel like the veins are full of concrete. Even three easy spinning rides have failed to remove the DOM feeling. This could be down to standing around in the cold after the FNSS race and not really following a good recovery routine, but it also could be another consequence of racing very hard while “flat”.
Got to make sure I don’t make this mistake again, it’s just to painfull and depressing!
The Eastern MSG battle resumes on Sunday, so no rest for a while yet.

So first quarter report, Joint leader of the MSG series, 3rd in FNSS, and 8th in the National series. I’ll take that, but it will be hard to maintain, only Aliens can do two races in three days.

Thanks to Roz for the pictures


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