XX10, XX1 10 speed

Loving it, simple as. And the answer to the question everyone asks………..no not once, not yet.

I set this up originally XX10 post with a 34 tooth ring for the flatter races like Thetford, but for most other times its been on the 32T so the chain has a touch more slack in it. Still no problems using just an X9 mech and drive has been faultless.

For the recent trip to Devon for the British XC race I probably could have done with a 30T for the climbs to ease fatigue, but didn’t have one untill now. I did have the use of a 28T ring though and for a few fun days riding in Dartmoor and Exmoor this went on with the same length chain.

XX1 Triple top
 The mech was just about taking up the slack in the 11T on the cassette and as you can imagine with only 28T up front almost all the descents were done in slack mode. Still no problems, apart from the return of chain slap noise which gets quite annoying after you have forgot about it with a type 2 mech.
 Even pedaling like a nutter down the super rocky drop from Dunkley Beacon towards the Minehead coast there were no problems and by the sounds going on and the chainstay chips, the chain was doing some serious dancing out back.

Swapping the rings is such a quick and easy process that it encourages you to tune the gears for courses, another great bonus now I have a good spread of cogs.

One other weird side effect I’ve noticed is that everyone thinks I now clean my bikes more, which I don’t. The clean simple lines of the single ring and shiny chain just make the whole crank area aesthetically cleaner and less of a catchment for oil and dirt.
XX1 Triple top
They do not look round with that funky bolt pattern, the 32T is the bottom one showing the most wear.
 At about 500 miles use it’s time to swop chains, putting the two 10 speed chains side by side (the new chain needs 4 links chopping off it) the old one shows about half a links wear.
500 mile chain


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