MSG 2013 Eastern Series round 3 – Thetford

Super fast dry course, super fast me. led for 2 laps then blew it again. MSG not going well then.

From the line the Plumz train was in evidence, this time I led Pilch out for 2 laps until just approaching the line the front slid out, losing pressure. A brand new Ikon with a gashed sidewall.  It looked like a small cut off young tree had stabbed it. In the pits I then found out my CO2 inflator was pants, so with a combination of pumping and  laying the tyre down for the Stans to take hold, almost 6 minutes were lost according to the Garmin.

Getting back out on the track it was now a big battle to get back through the traffic, including re-passing vets and masters that I’d already passed once. I felt good in the sun and seemed to be going well but it wasn’t until a few laps later I passed some familiar GV riders I could work out if I was making progress. As I’d been off track, a few very surprised riders though I was lapping them. It was very funny and to stop them chasing me down I wasn’t going to break that illusion.

Being passed by the Elite leader the race was cut short a lap, (a very dumb rule as they started 10 minutes before us!)  this stopped me getting back further than 8th but I was happy with my lap times, especially the fastest lap put in by any of the GV riders on my last circuit of 17:47  FULL RESULTS

Laps 17:54 – 18:12 –  23:28 – 18:16 – 17:47

Pilch grabbed his 2nd win but such is our domination of the top points so far I’m still 2nd in the series, but at 30 points behind. This was definitely a golden chance lost again, I need to start collecting those rabbit feet.


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