FNSS 2. Cosford

Great course on a venue that’s under risk from the fast approaching spread of house building in Rugby. The surface was slick but that just adds to the rewards for skill full riding that this venue brings.

Realising that 3rd place is virtually my win against the aliens, I did a hard training week including this race so wasn’t expecting much. I decided to give the Lurcher a race outing as its shod with the Beaver Mud tyres.

Ploughing down the outside

From the gun its an uphill start, I wasn’t well placed but managed to fight my way through to be second into the wood. Leading was Peter Busby a team mate of Tim Stowe who had thrashed me at the second BXC round. It didn’t prove difficult to follow him though as I waited for the inevitable rush of the aliens.

Sure enough Tim was through before the end of lap 1 and following him briefly left Busby behind. When Pete eventually passed he didn’t get away and I even tailed him through the woods as he struggled for traction. So 3rd again and very rewarding it was too, only 42 secs behind Pete in 2nd and 1 min ahead of Busby. Reminded me just how much better Fox forks are too.


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