Pace 129 – messing about

The Pace has been neglected for some time, with the need for spare race wheels, there just isn’t enough wheels to go round.

The Dynamo hub wheel chucked on the front solves that end, and with a few unused quality 26 inch wheels around I had a play and chucked one in the rear in Singlespeed mode. It’s pretty certain what the effect will be, a lower Bottom bracket meaning potential pedal strikes, bit slacker front head angle, and amazing mud clearance.

Pace 129 or is that 129-6

What I did forget though was the gearing effect, and after an initial spin on a stupid low gear it was back to good old 32-16 for a long bank holiday play. After 6 hours plus of fun I was quite relieved that apart from one pedal strike it was no problem.

The really noticeable effect was the rear feeling a little harsher, missing the extra volume of the bigger wheel and the need to run slightly higher pressures for the 26 wheel. It was great to be back out on the RC it’s always so much fun in the twisty stuff, still brings out the most smiles per ride by far. I think it could be a 69’er for some time, that clearance could be superb next winter.


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