I want a new cross like bike!  Have frames sitting idle, surely I can make something work. The TD-1 is designed as a rigid machine, let’s have a go.

But it really needs a short cyclo-x specific disc fork which I haven’t got. Still as a test bed I threw on the Niner fork and some XT cranks and a 38 Tooth ring with a 15 on the rear, mainly as I don’t have any working shifters. Some borrowed bars and bust old levers to mount on some Hope V-twin Hydro brake converters. These fit neatly even under a short 90mm stem.


The short stem is essential as the MTB top tube is really to long for drops, the whole bike is super long when you place it side by side with a proper CX frame. It’s very noticeable on the first test rides, putting down the power on the hoods causes the rear to jump around like crazy as it just hasn’t got enough weight on it. It actually makes it quite comfortable on the really rough stuff with more weight over the front, but its hard on the wrists. Adding a shorter length fork which would be needed for full race aerodynamics would only make this worse too.


There’s plenty of tyre room as you’d expect, and by adding a derailleur I can slide the dropouts fully forward to shorten the chain stays. The stretch to the bars can’t really be changed but I might experiment with turning the seat post round to shorten the top tube too.

Initial thoughts on the Hope V-twin brakes with some old 160mm discs were not brilliant to be honest, but this was mainly on my part because I didn’t bed the pads in properly, concentrating on the bike position too much. They do take a fair bit of lever pressure to get the bike to haul up, and their isn’t the super feel of Hopes X2 lever brakes that they are based on. I need some more time and some better discs to comment properly though.

One things for sure, as it stands there is nowhere for mud to clog up, in fact I could run over a badger and it would fit through all the gaps down there.


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