Back in the room

It’s easy to blog in the cold and dark but as usual all the good intentions go to pot when the sun shines, so let’s get back up to date with a FNSS roundup.

Round seven Kilworth, always the track to show up my poor pedalling efficiency, and I was well off the pace, could have been a lot worse though. On the practice lap the bars came loose on a jump, and after finishing and turning the bike over, the damper control fell off the top if the fork. This dumped most of the oil on the car park, on any other course I think this would have shot out during the race. Separate post on this failure for sure.

Onto Rockingham Speedway; putting a bit back I helped out the Rocko boys set it up. This meant we added a few nice bits, even if the legs got tired. It turned into an excellent close race with Tim Stowe. A good battle right to the end in hot conditions came down to the last lap, I had a plan, executed it and broke Tim to leave me the sprint for the line. First FNSS grand vet win achieved on merit.

Grabbing the MK win on the lurcher

After helping out at the Plumz round at Borough hill, where we put on a really nice course, would’ve been fun to race, it was on to Milton Keynes bowl. A reverse course for this second visit turned out to be a really good test of skills. Lots of off camber tight twisty singletrack, quite a battle on the big wheels to get round some of the corners. It was great, skills over speed, really chuffed to come away with win number two. So at this point I was now second in the series.

Then it all went a bit Pete Tong, racing twice a week, trying to keep a peak, something had to snap. It did, at Bulwick there was nothing to give, a cruise round left the overall as joint second place with Peter Busby going into the final round it was all down to who would get the best position on the night. I basically was a no show, and Pete took the 2nd spot. I’m quite happy with that, in the trophies when the competition on Friday night series was like racing at national level. With Mick Pilcher joining the over 50s fray next year it’s going to be a big effort just to get on the podium.

So 2013 final positions Tim 600 points taking six wins Busby 596 points me 595 points.


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