Mud Sweat and Gears 2013 Champion.

Oh yes, all the training and sacrifices paid off, a great Eight round MSG series comes to a close. With the top podium step and nice winners tankard in the bag it was a good second half to the season.

Secret Nuclear Bunker RESULTS
A great testing wooded dusty loose course with some techie bits and a few sharp climbs. It was scorching hot and today I was on fire. Despite a FNSS race in my legs I set off flat out and never looked back, everything flowed. Despite all the fast boys being there this was one of those peak days, I owned that race, a great feeling.
Three wins on the board now and looking healthy, Pilch had a bad day,shedding points, first time off the podium  too.

Hinchingbrooke RESULTS 
From the start here it was tough, I tried to lead out to slow it down because I felt heavy legged. Pilch and Rob Jackson soon worked that out, and went for it. I tried to limit the losses as they started to gap but 3rd was looking like the only option pretty quick. Then bang, Mick clipped a tree at speed and was down, and Rob seemed to ease off without his shadow. I chased back and it became a great race long battle where we took turns to break the other. It almost felt sneaky taking a surprise jump at the end to win the sprint, but Robs smile was proof enough that he had enjoyed it as much as me.
The fourth win and another disaster for Mick in 11th meant even if he won the final two rounds I only had to grab one third place for the title. I could now relax and go on holiday and really enjoy a beer, pies and cake fest, pressure was off.

Langdon Hills RESULTS
This is a tough climbing venue and I was glad the pressure was off. With the 30t sprocket on duty I went for a first lap charge carving through the other race traffic, before sitting back and waited to see who wanted it. I’d have happily let any hard chargers come by and would have let them go, as long as Mick didn’t win I was home dry. In the end it was another win, it honestly was the easiest of the year, a good blow out rest period just what the doc ordered.
Win five and series champ, and Pilch back on the podium in third for the Plumz, added to a great day.

Hadleigh Farm RESULT
This was a race too far in many ways,  I’d stepped off the training gas starting to enjoy some long rides again at a more suitable pace. Not having to race this round was a bonus, and it was fortunate timing when my gear cable snapped on my first practice lap, could have so easily been in the race. All the A lines were sessioned, they would help grab back some time for the stiff climbs I was sure to suffer on.

Rob took an early lead and after a lap together I’d mentally given up the chase and with great views behind could see 2nd was safe. But then on lap 3 into the start of 4 I was back on his wheels. With no great attack, just wanting to hit the rocks ahead in front, the lead was mine and growing fast. Lap 5, over the lip of triple trouble as I’d done 5 times already today and bang. Game over, broken collarbone, finger and ribs, season over, what a muppet. Amazingly I still came 5th on my back, poor consolation!

This is the offending drop shown in the top pic by a mystery rider when slowly  rolled over. I like my frame and was clearing the first two slabs at least. The stills taken from someone’s video show first the blind entry, and the final slabs which were the landing spot for muppet me. It’s quiet a compression on landing and it’s though I just dropped into that nice gap just in front of that lighter slab.

Pitched head and shoulder/back first onto the rocks on the left, I’m very grateful that I can still walk!

final step


good quality onboard video of the course (B lines)

Big thanks to the Plumz bottle crew Laura and Lou for season long support, all the gang for getting me home at that final race. Big shout out to the on-site Doc at Hadleigh for covering up the bone on my finger with skin again, yes it was a mess, superb job.


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