2013 goals so how did we do?

  • 2013 not a bad year

Well apart from really messing up the start of 2014 pretty good I think. Way back in Feb 13 my list of goals was ambitious since I hadn’t raced seriously for a year;

  1. Get back on the Podium in any regional race.
  2. Top 3 in the Eastern XC championships overall.
  3. Win an Eastern XC race…well you have to aim high.
  4. FNSS top 3 series overall
  5. Win a FNSS XC race.
  6. Fit in a weeks riding holiday, bivy or touring chill out.
  7. Top 5 in one of the British XC races……..a tough ask!
  8. Finish my 5th Kielder 100 mile race for a lifetime entry.
  9.  British XC national race complete the series.

well #1, 2 and 3 were blown out of the water, Result, and #4 and 5 gained despite the handicap of not wanting to race hard twice on most weekends. #7 was possible at the very first race but generally I’m not up there with the National Aliens, and failed #9 too.

#8 wasn’t possible as the event was cancelled for ever, a huge shame, while not finding time for #6 at the end of the year because of injury was a big disappointment in one of the best summers for years.

Busted. Clavical both ends and 3 ribs along with a finger, good Job

Overall I was really chuffed that my training worked and I found some speed and really felt competitive in every race I did, such a great feeling and hopefully I wont slip back into bad Diesel habits for 2014. Now to think of next years goals which is going to be tough.
Recovery from this mess comes first though, no crashing allowed for now.


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