Frankenbike TD-1 Evolves further

I’ve been playing around with the TD-1 further to create my full on Burleycross Gravel racing style bike to cope with the chaos of winter roads and the fun of the local wooded tracks.
TD-1 gets cross

On-one Midge bars raised up with a really light on-one 80mm 17 deg stem (not shown)  house old 9 speed shifters and the front end raised up by the Niner fork provide some comfort by reducing the seat to bar drop.

The Raceface thick-thin chainring is holding up well with a standard mech across gravel tracks, especially with the chain as short as possible, and CX tyres are fun enough on the local trails.

With a touch of bracketry the water bottle moved down allows for a full 750ml bottle and the Revelate Tangle frame bag fits in nicely.  Bottle 2 is planned for the stem with a king mount.

Its been getting some hammering recently with at least 4 beautifull british Tons under its belt for the end of 2013. Now its time to ponder on the choice of better tyres. Going for comfort but trying to keep drag to a minimum I tried a Continental Cyclocross 42mm. A great tyre with good volume for fast off road with decent side grip. Mounted tubeless wasn’t too difficult but after about 3 months use it started to grow bulges.

Oh yes bulges on show

It seemed the outer case was de-laminating and numerous lumps were appearing. It finally blew and took some sealing but it got me home, checking the insides the Latex had caused all the belts across the tyre to separate from the tread casing. So good for short spells tubeless but not recommended, although I’d worn down the tread by the time the tyre was toast.


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