MSG back racing for 2014 Rds 1 & 2

Time to get blogging again, its the only reliable memory I have!

MSG series round 1 started at Rendlesham, effectively like Tunstall woods just different start point. The Anthem was dusted off, not ridden since the fatefull smash 5 months previous. A new brake lever and on with the 34T ring for an expected flat course especially as it was dry.

Didn’t know what to expect, I was just back from 600 miles touring in Holland, and had not ridden off road at all in winter to protect the healing bones. Gridded up front as champ I didn’t last long at the front, Neo GV’s Rich Muchmore and Patrick Stokes were soon flying with Pilch in attendance as I settled into 4th. Really tough start but hanging in just we reeled Rich back after a few laps.
It eased up so I took the front, and from then on pulled away. Back to winning ways, very pleased but even more surprised.

Round 2 and another new venue at Carver Barracks.
Same premise, another big week in the lakes in my legs, I didn’t expect much. Damage limitation was the plan, the fact Rich M was ill helped, and Pete Busby was there to steal points of series contenders made it all good.
Busby and Pilch ripped off and I hung in on their wheels for 3 laps. The usual overtaking gaps opened up and it was a struggle to pull them back, but the fact I did gave me hope in my head. Realising I was being held up in the singletrack I then went for a burst over the line for lap 4 and kicked into the woods. By the end of the lap it was game over, a 40 second gap and increasing, apart from a near disintegrating rear wheel as every spoke came loose, win 2 was mine.

Two wins and 4 different podium finishers behind me, is frankly a dream start. Real chuffed that I don’t have to neglect cycling fun for racing after all.


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