Let’s ride to the lakes

Due to autumns inactivity due to the broken bones i had to take some time off, there was an offer on some pods at lake district campsites, a plan was hatched, hey let’s cycle there.

A route planned, and bikepacking bags packed I set off at midnight for a one shot ride up there. With the Revo dynamo light blazing through the night riding soon became fun, despite the rain. The road is all yours generally which makes for some hassle free progress in towns, and some great wildlife experiences too.
ride route link

Dawn broke on the heights above Ashbourne, the quiet backlane route proving a joy of fun and navigational distraction, so much so that it was only my stomach that made me realise it was now 7am and 100 miles had ticked by. Stopping at a cafe in leek which luckily opened at 8am. I love the look on the cafe owners faces when your order a full breakfast with tea, then two cakes with a coffee to go NOW while he’s cooking that.

Around Manchester I had an extra interest in how quiet the roads were as there are work opportunities here with my company. The Partington Toll bridge over the ship canal was interesting. Travelling the A6 north less so and to be avoided at all costs.
Probably my strongest day on a bike ever, 280 miles on a cold and at times very wet day to arrive in the lakes at 8pm. The hostel was great, it was film night and the surround sound was brilliant, and the bar was stoked. Another place to return too, the bike had its own heated locked room too.

The hills of the lakes had a dusting of snow to add to the magic of the trip, the first Pod was at Kendal not far away, but in crazy style I went up some high passes to watch friends MTB race at Winlatter forest. The Ragley was fairly loaded with sleeping and cooking kit, as pods are basically wooden tents. Awesome views.

Pod 2 meant a hop over to Ullswater using the Halo tyre capability I took on the Kendal railway track and a lumpy C2C off road track. Here I made a new friend as he helped himself to a sip of my water bottle. A stroke of luck saw me arriving at the Quiet site, just as a snow storm started, it made the pods setting look even more idylic. The pods have a small heater so the cold temps were no problem.
A walk to the local pub, and what more could you want the first Moto GP of the year live, and beer.

The next day was lit up with a glorious blue sky, breakfast on the veranda of the pod with superb views was a great start to the day. In no rush, there was time for breakfast 2 and a lakes visit in the sun.
The final pod was at Cliff Top campsite overlooking Windermere itself, this was the worst stop as the site was effectively shut. A 2 mile walk to a posh hotel in the rain was required to relive the boredom, Guinness with lakeside views from a comfy leather sofa and nice food made the walk back in the dark tolerable.

There was no way I was suffering the ride back through Northern urban sprawl, and a quick hop on the train from Windermere station to Manchester solved that, the bike liked it to.
A short ride later its on to Alderly edge and into the peaks. The cat and Fiddle pub is a model that others should copy, cakes on the bar ready to have with a nice coffee.
I was booked into a room at a bar, and once again being the only person there the hosts were superb. True home cooked food (it was their dinner too) and great service, and a shed for the bike. Taking out an unloaded bike the next day I went in search of Tour de France future sights, Holme Moss was interesting in a hail storm.

For the final day it was a nice round 100 mile ride home to finish off a great vehicle free holiday despite the cold and rain. Think I’m hooked.


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