Velobici Spring Classics Challenge 2014


The final table that’s 68 miles a day for 50 days from me.

Coming back from Holland my focus was drifting, years of base plodding in winter followed by limited riding focused on racing weekends, enough. The wanderlust had struck, I’d defend my Eastern MTB title, but if I turned up tired so be it. Bikes are ace and are made to be ridden, no more long drives for short rides.

At this time the Veloviewer Spring challenge popped up. In homage to the Spring Classic races in Europe there was a challenge to match their total mileage.
Milan Sanremo 186 miles
Gent – Wevelgem 145 miles
Tour of Flanders 161 miles
Paris – Roubaix 160 miles
Amstel Gold 156 miles
Fleche Walloone 127 miles
Liege in as tonnes liege 164 miles
1058 miles in 50 days

At first there was disappointment this didn’t start a week earlier, having racked up 800 miles, and I just ignored it. But then after the big rides to the lakes, and the Severn bridge I started to creep into the top 5. From then on every ride to work was the long route and the mile eating challenge was inspiring.
The target passed easily and it developed into a battle between myself and an American Brian Toone. It was fun, I’d load a ride and jump to top, then Brian would load his later when the time zones caught up. He was smashing me on climbing and was obviously a great rider. There were also a few extra challenges, including the longest single ride, 280 miles got me on the board for a while but then this popped up. A 517 mile race. Huge Kudos to the guy.
Only just got him in the end, big rides need recovery, where as I just plodded on. Roll on next year, I will be ready.

Then it all went a bit flat, as you could enter this challenge until the end and back date your rides a Belgium guy signed up, and he looked like he slept on a bike. Chapeau fella.


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