Bike Express to the French Alps


Like a twonk I never got a good picture of the set up, this was at the drop off point at Grenoble.
I used Bike Express to take the pain out of the dull bits of a trip to the Alps. It worked great and I’d recommend it as long as you don’t mind trying to get a few hours sparodic kip during the night, it appeared to be a deal breaker for some.
A gentle ride to Northampton for a 1 o’clock pick up, quick turn of the bars, throw the bike in the trailer, bags in the bus and your off.
The bus is better than an airline in my view, good recliner seats, many with great leg room. A limitless supply of cooked food, snacks, drinks and beer, to enjoy while watching a few recent blockbuster films.
Regular stops and the Dover ferry crossing add distractions to break up the trip, but as the bus is full of like minded cycle explorers there is plenty of chat.
Even though I travelled on Bastille Day weekend the journey went pretty smoothly, hitting Paris just before midnight there were no delays.
I got off at Grenoble at 7am which is ideal for the major Alps, and returned from Orange which is perfect for Ventoux or the Ardeche.
Be carefull of getting off too high up in France as I watched some people dumped in the dark at 3am, and picked up deep into a wet night close to Paris, not recommended.
Orange is a superb pickup point as there are plenty of local services to amuse yourself in case of delays. It was great to have a reunion with riders at the cafes while waiting to share holiday stories and get tips and ideas for future trips.
Overall a great way to travel, no bike packing and no real queueing. I’m sold.


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