Touring kit avec Panniers


Touring road trip avec panniers called for a different level of kit than normal bike packing trips. With a solid rack and ortlieb 100% waterproof bags, its more about not getting carried away.
This is all the kit including clothes I would wear, At the rear L-R;
Tent, (towel in front) down jacket, (moonlite bivy in front) sleeping bag with inflatable pillow on top, Thermarest, light day clothes.
Middle is Gas cooker tucked in Ti Mug, Gas canister and red Niner SIG bottle and Bug headnet. Then super light foldable shoes and shades.
Up front; toiletries, Sugu repair goo, first aid and painkillers, lithium batteries, headtorch, waterproof top and shorts.
Next to the green Spork is a leatherman tool and Ti tent pegs, and a spare tube.
Cycling kit wise, spare shorts, spare merino top, spare socks and leg and arm warmers did the job.
I chucked some first days travel food in there too for a total of about 10 kilos overall.


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