3 cols before breakfast


The tour came up here 7 days later.
BurlyTour Day1 Grenoble at 7am dropped off at a closed supermarket. Very quiet roads made easy start in just T-shirt weather. Straight up to this 1300 metres Col de Porte and 5 cols over 1000 for tough start.

A small shower and the first wet descent and straight into a scary speed wobble, this really shook me, slowed drastically, holiday fun is over. Tried relaxing, forcing forward little better but still had to sit on the brakes even going straight. Then on the next dry descents better, tyres only slip with wobble when wet, the tyres were new and were improving by the minute with some scrubbing in.
Stopped for jambon/cake/coke stop and chilled while re-accessing my limits. I’d slept ok on the bus, but it was obvious that real climbs with weight are tough. After a superb hot ride i dropped into Annecy which was very busy for Bastille weekend.
Found a way too expensive camp site (go for the municipal next time) but to escape the heat it had a bar with the tour on TV, perfect. Tony Martin had blown it apart. Back in the packed bar that evening for the World cup final rather than a lonely tent, the Germans winning everything today.
Today’s boring stats; 113 miles 9.30 hrs moving at avg 11.9. Camping at 458 metres. Two days camp at camping Aloua for 40 euro, ouch! N
Word of the day Gruffy, great name for a village.


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