Legendary ride day

imageYou know when you get one of those days when its just amazing to be out on a bike. The air is clear, the views are superb and your feeling fit. This was my Carlsberg day.

A nice leisurely depart from lake Annecy as you can see from the profile, about 28 miles down the valley to Albertville, then a steady climb up to Beaufort. A leisurely lunch here in the baking sun was just the picture, especially as the bar owner didn’t mind me buying cakes from the local boulangerie to supplement my food and coffee. Talking to some American cyclists was interesting too especially as we set off up the climb to the lac du Roselend together.

Me fully loaded on a Frankenbike and them fully carbon-ed up, yes of course they thrashed me, but respect was earned, even if they didn’t offer to buy me a beer at the lakeside bar. 6400ft up I’d sure earned an ice cream too.

There was no rush, I drunk in the fabulous views and made sure I put up some photos back home to cheer up the workers. All that was left was a 12 mile descent to my days easy target of Bourg Saint Maurice.

If I didn’t have a semi planned rendezvous there it was certainly on the cards to have a wild camp up there at the lake, several more hot days and clear nights were forecast.

The descent was fantastic, initial worries how the bike would perform after day 1 wobbles were soon put to bed. such a great descent, long fast interspersed with multiple tight hairpin sections. The wooden Hope V2 brakes were definitely needed as a few cars were blasted by into the turns, in fact they even finally started to gain some feel when they got super hot. A great end to a brilliant ride and straight to a good cheap campsite and another celebration ice cream.

I stopped at the Camping Le Versoyen, cheap and well appointed if you don’t mind a bit of road noise, the supermarket and good cafe is an easy walk too. I’d arranged to meet Ben and Gabby in town and eventually we hooked up and they fantastically fed me with bar-b-q food and beer as we chatted about all things bike packing.

Yes Carlsberg don’t do bike tours but……….

the valley and the lac ride
the valley and the lac ride




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