Another day another Col

I’d been so lucky with the weather, another Scorchio day, I know I’ll do my biggest climbing day ever.
A gentle start rolling down the valley before going what to some will be the Marmotte route, first up the Telegraph. This ones almost totally within wooded shade which was good, a long conversation with a Frenchman on the way was cool, again it was noticeable I was back in Velo land. All of these climbs have 1km marker posts showing km to the summit and gradient. I noticed that they were popping up at regular 6 minute intervals while loaded, which was handy for working out where the next coffee and cake fix might come from.

It was to early to celebrate but that’s a crazy wickerman, after the village at the summit it was a steadier drag upwards through an open valley. The heat was punishing, the views of mountain bike tracks and great areas to wild camp was inspiring. The hundreds that hammer up here on the Marmotte each year are missing the beauty of the area. At the foot of the steeper parts of the Galibier it was time for more food and ice cream in a rush for some shade.



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