Ardeche Gorge

Paradise The Gorge d’Ardeche by canoe is the best way


A rest day watching the tour and eating everything in sight and I was ready for another adventure. I’ve canoed down the Ardeche Gorge many years ago and now it was time to see it from up top. The canoe route is about 20km long and idyllic, I’d recommend it to everyone. After the ride over the valley of the AutoRoute du Soleil and the Rhone to get there it’s a fantastic ride too.

It was a ride to remember on an idyllic day, next time I need to spend some more time there. The pictures speak a thousand words.

25km its calling me
cracking beach at Saint Martin d’Ardeche. A great place to base yourself
A perfect ice cream stop I needed a swim
What a day to canoe and ride bikes
Tons of viewing platforms on a great road along the top of the gorge
The bridge to Salavas. That’s a very cool canoe chute run over the weir on the left.



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