FNSS 2014 finally made one.


Just made it this year, I’ve always done the amount of races required for a series finish, 6 races, but this year big riding just took priority.
This picture of me passing Dean Barnett up the hill on a fun course reminded me of the first ever one I did in 1995. Dean was wining everything back then, I was lapped by many, even the ladies winner.
Progress made me the senior champ in 2000, and then later the Vets champ. Being the Grand Vet has just not been a priority.
So 1995, quick count on fingers that’s the 20th continuous year I’ve raced in this superb local series, and managed a 2nd place on the night.
First bit of short racing done for a while showed up a total lack of recovery after hard efforts, looks like racers do them interval things for a good reason after all.


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