Thule Bar Bag


Caught at a weak moment in AJ cycles, they found me musing about touring luggage. Somehow I walked out with this. In my defence I figured it looks weird and different compared to standard upright bar bags. Its top loading (big flat surface has all round zip) on the move, which is great for food and quick clothing changes on the move. The front opening becomes a top loader when the bag sits upright off the bike. A hidden document compartment and a stash net allow for small storage. It comes with a stretch fit waterproof cover, and that web bit on the side is a substantial carry strap.

The bracket is a neat sturdy quick release which is pretty stealth on the bag, but the metalwork on the bars is so heavy! About 300 grams but its never going to slip.
Its proved very good in use for a valuables storage quick release at cafe stops, and its a good map and backup battery store. The all round elastic strap has proved quite useful, even holding a plastic  bottle of drink and sandwich mid rushed food grab. After about 1500 miles of use this summer it still looks like new, it just needs a lighter bracket as its not the kind of lump you want to leave fixed to the bike longer than you have too.


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