Gorilla Ride Sportive. Its ON!

Now Sportives are for a swift ride with mates, and its all about the “Stash” if I’m paying £25 for food, I’m sure going to finish the ride with my pockets stuffed if I can.

But the Gorilla Ride is different, its on local haunts and run by great people who deserve my cash, so its interesting to give it a good go at. Last year me, Ravy Davy and Big Ring met up at the second checkpoint where we were the first there, to enjoy coffee and pork pies. After that it was all about getting Ravy to the finish, it wasn’t slow but it wasn’t flat out on the climbs. Great fresh cooked food and 3 pints of Nene Valley Brewery beers made the day and the ride home a breeze.

Checking the time taking out the ride over and back, the overall time was 6Hr34 at 16mph for the 105 mile 6900ft of climbing. 6hr09 moving time logged.

So for 2014 as I feel so much stronger its time to test it out and really go for it. 6hrs should be possible. Lets see how it goes Sunday.


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