Gorillas and no mist

First off, first on the road 90% of the day, first back and a breath under 6 hours. Job well and truly done, but I can’t really say I enjoyed it, that was one seriously hard bike ride.
The mountain bike XC boys smashed it from the start, Ravy Davy in fine form along with Fenboy Nige were joined by Endurance legend Ant White about half way.
Flying past the second food hall this was getting serious, Dave had to refuel so it was adios as we started the serious climbing sections.
From here on Ant was flying up the hills, and Nige was no slouch either, I grimaced my way up keeping in touch then became the grinder on the flat towing them along.
Neville Holt, Rocko Hill, Harringworth and Deene climbs were counted down before the elation of the final blast brought speed. At Glapthorn I dared check the elapsed time for the first time this ride, shouting 6 mins to deadline it was one mad dash though Oundle to earn the great food and beer provided by the Gorilla Firm at the end.

I have never ridden a sportive like that before, and won’t be again. Its already in the calendar for 2015 though, next year its going to be Epic, 2 laps and you can hold me to that.


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