Everesting, mad as a box of Frogs.


Everesting box ticked,What a crazy idea, just as mind numbingly pointless as doing a turbo ride for more than an hour.
Well that’s what I thought but I actually enjoyed it, riding in the moonlight with no traffic or lights for hours on end, the camaraderie of visiting friends, the challenging descending, was all great.
In fact I’ll go as far as saying that was the easiest 200 miles I’ve ever done. Simples.
The inspiration for this in November was that Strava had a challenge to climb the height of Everest 8848 metres in a month, and it seemed a cool idea to smash it on the first day. Apparently the guys at Hells500 who started all this will be sending me a titanium keepsake medal for the achievement.

That’s my Hill, I’ve planted my flag at the summit.

So for those crazy enough to consider it, here’s a few tips:
Do you really want the lactate buzz of that super steep climb, pick a steady climb.
Don’t underestimate the time it will take you.
Park a vehicle at the bottom, doing a fast descent after a food stop will be a cold shock.
Start as early as you can, then start even earlier.
Quiet roads are so much more fun.
Lights, don’t let your attempt be beaten by darkness.
A strip of masking tape on your top tube and a marker is a good reps count aid, as is the lap count tool on your Garmin.
Drink loads.
Break the ride into small targets, view it overall and it will break you.
Invite all your cycling mates along, people riding with you, and mystery food gifts really spur you on.
Drink some more.
Now go choose your hill using this cool page, and I hope you live somewhere hillier than we do.

If you do your own Everest in the UK, add a comment below and let’s share your experience


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